Monday, September 29, 2014

Almost October - September 29, 2014

I'm finally starting to get the feel of things and stuff. I'm loving the mission! It's been great this week. Not that much really even happened, but it was a fantastic week.
Thank you for the package!!! I wore the sweatshirt to bed last night. It was comfortable. 

I made a sticky note of things to write to you about. I'm glad I remembered it this week.
First of all, BYU football is awesome and I just wanted to revel in the fact that they are great this year. I'm so sad I'm missing it, but I'll watch all the games on Youtube when I get back.
So, by way of information, our area is in the Rigby zone. We go to Rigby a lot for district meetings, zone trainings, etc. More info - we eat lunch at home and dinner at members houses. Each ward gets a day per week for us to come for dinner. It's a good way to meet members.
Remember the lady that was supposed to be baptized? We haven't seen her in like three that's a bummer. We're kind of at a loss for what to do because whenever we visit her, she isn't there.
In Idaho,everyone has a dog. Most people have three. Allergy medicine is my best friend at the moment.
I bought a big coat last monday. I thought it was maroon-ish but its more purple. Oh well. It still looks super warm and fuzzy and great. I might go buy a smaller peacoat or something because I only have a windbreaker, and it's not cold enough for my big jacket. We're going to go to DI today so I'll look there.
Yesterday at church, there was a musical number involving a cello. The man conducting pronounced it as a sello. I stifled a laugh, because there is no such thing as a sello. I've also found which ward has the best sacrament bread. I think it's homemade.
We were able to watch the General Women's broadcast on Saturday. It was so fantastic! I ESPECIALLY loved when the Korean primary children sang "I Love to See the Temple." Oh man. That was the best. I loved the talks, too. Our stake had a thing at the stake center with a dinner before the broadcast. We helped serve at it. I like doing service.
We found a new investigator this week through a recently reactivated family. We had a lesson on wedesday and holy cow. That was the best! She's had a hard life, but with the birth of her daughter recently, she's very very very open to the gospel and has such great faith. We taught the Restoration and that was phenomenal. The spirit was so recognizable there. SO GOOD. She was even at church! We are stoked to teach her on Wednesday again.

On Saturday, we did a bunch of service stuff, including helping a member pick apples. That was so fun! I had this big tool thing that extended to reach high up and I picked over 300 apples. It was kind of rainy and drizzly during, but it made it more fun.
The people here are the best. I've yet to meet rude people who don't want to listen to us. If they aren't interested, they just tell us politely. The members are so cool, too. We work a lot with inactive/less active/excommunicated members. I love them all. They are so kind and generous to us.
Missionary work is the best. It's hard, it's so hard. But, it's the best thing I've ever done in my entire life. Somehow, I got blessed with being sent to the best area in the world and I've had so many experiences (good and bad) that have brought me so much closer to Christ than I could have ever imagined. I've seen so many people who have life so much worse than I could ever have, and they're the most humble, loving people in the world. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that God loves us so much; we can't even comprehend how much He loves us. I love being a missionary and being able to share that with people. I love, love, love my mission. It took me a little bit to realize, but I love it. I love you all, and pray for you every single day. The gospel is true, the Book of Mormon is true. I promise you it is.

The apple harvest - she looks pretty pleased
On the way to Idaho (this is a few weeks old, but I'm sure she hasn't changed that much - neither has Idaho)
This is what tracting (and Idaho) looks like.
Morgan has gone all Don Quixote on us and is off to convert the windmills.
One more story:

Yesterday evening, a moth decided to enter our car. My companion started to scream, so that means I started to scream. She pulled over and we both jumped out, and using our folder of ward directories and her daily planner, we were able to immobilize (or possibly kill, we don't know exactly) the moth and get it out of the car. The best part was a couple was taking a walk and saw the entire thing. We laughed so hard. So. Hard.


  1. So happy you're having a great time there in Ucon. I know I anticipate your e-mail every week on Monday at around noon-time! Keep up the good work, and if you see another moth, crush it with the bottom of your shoe or something :) Love, Dad

  2. Dear Sister Smith (Morgan),
    So glad you are loving your mission! That is really special country to me! As you know, my great great grandfather was William F. Rigby who the town of Rigby is named after. He never lived there, but he did so much in helping colonize the area, they named it after him. He, also, has the first men's dorm on BYU-I campus named after him. (That's where George lived when I met him many years ago! Hah!) So glad a special young lady like you is serving those people. I know they will love you and you will love them!