Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Week! - October 5, 2014

How about that general conference! It was so great. I loved Elder Bednar's talk and i want to take it and give it to everyone who isn't interested in listening to us! Seriously. It would help so much. We watched conference with our zone in Rigby.

So on Tuesday we went to Rexburg and got to watch Meet the Mormons. It was so so so good! It's supposed to open this weekend, and if you can, go see it. Seriously. It can open so many doors for us to teach. 74% of nonmembers who test ran it said they would recommend it and would be more willing to let the missionaries talk to them. Yeah. It is so good. My favorite part was about the Navy football coach. There was one part about a mom who sent off a missionary son, and almost all the sisters were crying. I shed a tear. But not that many because i'm still a robot. It was weird being in Rexburg tho and rozzie was so close!

We had exchanges this week with the sister training leaders. Sister Dearden came over and was with us for the day. That was fun. Sister Dearden is a hoot.

On the way to email, we passed a dentist place called "Gentle Dentists." The quotation marks weren't added, they were there on the sign.

Yesterday, after a month, I did my first door contact! I did not die. I was praying I wouldn't, and I didn't. But, a naked two year old boy answered the door. Awkward........

Transfer calls are this Thursday. WHAT. I'm almost done with my first transfer. I can't believe it. You really never know if you're going to be leaving or staying, so who knows what will happen. Transfers are next week. It's a 5 week transfer because president brinkerhoff has a meeting in Salt Lake? I think? and wants to be here for transfers.

This week we had the worst lesson ever with one of our less actives. She showed up drunk...yeah. The lady who's house we had it at was not happy. I was kind of ticked off...she wants to change but doesn't show it or put forth effort. 

We're still trying to find people, and it's not that fun, but we've got a few potentials that we might be able to teach. So that's cool. 

Love you!

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