Monday, September 15, 2014

Where to Start? September 15, 2014


I seriously don't even know where to start. I'm in Ucon, Idaho! Population 1,108. It is so tiny. There are two gas stations, one blinking light, one elementary school, and three church buildings. Somehow, there are enough people in the city limits and the outlying areas to make a stake. So, we cover an entire stake. It's crazy. There are seven wards and a YSA ward. There's a ton of work to do. We are literally always busy.

The wards we have are - Ucon, Monument, Foothill, Milo, Yellowstone, Cottonwood, Homestead, and the YSA ward. So many things to do.

Not going to lie. The first two days in the field were rough. Like, ridiculously difficult. We had four lessons the first day, and when my comp told me, I laughed so hard. I just...couldn't believe there was that much to do. My very first lesson was with a lady, A (i'm not giving her name over email, i'll tell you when i get home). She is dying. Actually dying. The nurses gave her 30 days. The lesson was pretty dramatic, and I just sat there the entire time with my mouth sealed shut and my eyes bug eyed. It was so....I can't describe it. It's hard to comfort someone who is going to die soon. But she has a baptisimal date for next Wednesday, hopefully we can teach her everything in that time. The problem is is that she's sick and cancels a lot. Not to mention her house is pretty chaotic at the time. But, she really wants to be baptized. She said that when the missionaries come over they bring this...feeling, and when we leave, it leaves and she hated that. Boom. Feelin' the spirit. 

It's just a weird adjustment. I'm fine now, but it was hard to adjust the first two days. My mind on Wednesday just wanted to go home, but at the MTC during one of the devotionals, one speaker said that "the only way out of a challenge is through it." So, I'm staying through it. It's a huge growing process. 

I invited someone to be baptized on Friday! It was cool. After, K was confused as to what we asked..but we cleared it up and she said if it was true, she would be baptized. K went to church yesterday and seemed to enjoy it (i was at another ward giving a talk), and we have an appointment tonight. So that's cool.

Ummmm. Yeah. It's hard out here, but I'm doing well. I loved church yesterday. I'm learning a lot. We're planning to work a lot with the members here, especially in the outlying wards because they feel kind of left out. Yeah! Busy is good.

OH. Send anything through mail to the new mission office address. Mom if you could change that on my FB that would be great.

Have a good week, love  you!

Also, yeah, we traveled with all the people going to Pocatello. We had to pick up two spanish speaking elders from the west MTC campus and then we were on our way. We stopped in front of the welcome to Idaho sign. If i remembered my camera thing i would have attatched pictures. Sorryyyyyy
The first day we got there, we ate lunch (baked potato bar, go figure), did a tour of the mission, got paperwork done, took all the formal pictures (did you ever get them?), had a short orientation, had dinner, got our assignments and trainers, and then went to a nearby members house for the night. before dinner, we had some time to hang out a bit, some of the elders and sisters and i threw around a football. fun stuff. 
President and Sister Brinkerhoff

Morgan's new companion, Sister Jones
Photo texted to me 9-14-14 of Morgan, Sister Jones, and the texter's daughter - Sister Christensen who left on her mission today 9-15-14.

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