Friday, September 5, 2014

A Letter Received Including More Details About Life in the MTC - August 31, 2014

Dear Mom,

Sorry my email was so disorganized.  We went to email and I completely blanked on w hat to write and say, so I just wrote a lot of stuff.

So, the first day of the first class (other way around, sorry), everyone was quiet.  I met both of my companions and my district.  A district is a handful of about 8-10 missionaries.  In the field, it's like all the missionaries in the town (so like all the Fleming Island Missionaries).  In the MTC, it's all the elders and sisters that you're in the classroom with.  But we have six elders - Hunter ( Ogden, UT), Peterson (Clearfield, UT), Fox (Peach Tree, GA), Silva (Orem, UT), Davis (Brigham City, UT), and Van Shaar (Houston, TX).  Now that we all know each other better, the elders are way more talkative and open.  It's so fun to be around them.  They're all going to Colorado Springs.

My companions are Sister Sondrup and Sister Hatch.  Sondrup is from Tempe, AZ, and Hatch is from Surprise, AZ (around Phoenix).  They are both really great companions.  Sondrup is super nice and easy to talk to and get along with.  Hatch is kind of quiet, but she is super sweet and full of love.  I seriously got some great companions.

So my district is in a zone, which comprises of 3 districts.  District A got here a week before I did and is going to Minneapolis so I got to tell them how cool MN is.  District B is ours, and District C is all going to Pocatello.  They Pokey district is so awesome.  We all eat together and that's the funnest time of the day.  The Elders are - Otto, Shulke, Rush, Dalling, Dart, Bergen, Ledbetter, and Wright.  The two sisters are Sis. Brimley and Moreland.  Both sisters live in our dorm, so that's cool.  I'm the oldest in district B & C, but one sister is 24 in A.  So there's that.

On Wednesday, after class, we had the new missionary meeting thing.  We just talked a lot about the MTC.  After, we had dinner.  Afterwards, we did group teaching.  1/3 of the missionaries would go into a classroom and group teacher an investigator.  That was a little difficult.

The MTC is difficult because you're bombarded with info the second you get there, and you need it all to teacher and be effective.  One elder said it was like a fire hose of information.  No.  It is a dump truck of information.  It's so much.  Each day, I go to bed exhausted and completely fried.  It's so tiring, but I love it.  It isn't useless info.

I'm more prepared than I thought I'd be, so that's good.  I can learn stuff easy, and then turn around and teach it fairly well.  Some missionaries aren't the best at that.  I know I'm blessed with being able to think logically and remember well.  So, I think I'll be ok with that.

It's hard to transition to being a missionary.  I love it, but like, I get distracted during personal study because the elders and fun to talk with.  We laugh a lot.  I'll also get some normal world song stuck in my head and it's hard to get out.  It's definitely weird getting used to.  We're not supposed to refer to a group as "guys," but as Elders and Sisters.  We struggle with that a bit.  We're trying, tho.

Today we went on the temple walk (we walk to the temple on Sunday) and took a bunch of pictures.  One Elder going to Pocatello took a bunch of selfies on my camera when the sisters and I were taking group pictures.  Another elder also used someone else's camera when he took the sister's group picture. So now, some elder in my zone has 10+ pictures of all the sisters.  So funny

Each meal, I eat a salad with it and carrots.  The salads are pretty good.  Tonight's meal dinner was spaghetti.  The server made the spaghetti and peas on the plate into a smiley face.  I didn't take my camera or else I would have gotten a picture.

I have so much to write still, but I don't really feel like I should write everything.  I've written a ton in my journal so you can read that when I get home.

Love you!
Moroni 7:33

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