Thursday, October 29, 2015

I'm So Tired - October 26, 2015

As I approach 14 months of being a missionary....i'm so tired. I kind of feel like I've hit a wall of some sorts. I honestly don't know how I'll have the energy to do four more months. But. Somehow, I'll be able to do it. I don't know how, but I'm just going to do it.

Anyway, Grace is awesome. It's such a cute little town. I'm turning into a hick out here. The truck we have is my favorite thing to drive. I have camo shorts. Farming sounds like fun. Mom, I know this may disappoint you, but I LOVE IT HERE. Haha. 

I really wanted to talk more about what I've learned this week. I mean, it was a good week workwise, but I just want to tell more about what I've been learning. 

So, i'm on this kick where I'm reading all of the epistles in the New Testament...backwards. So I started with Jude, and then John, and then Peter, etc. So this week I finished Colossians. I highly recommend it, it's a fantastic book. Paul's writing this epistle to those in Colosse to show that sanctification really only comes through unification with Christ. So he just goes to town telling us how to do that. I absolutely love what he says in chapter 3:9-10, "Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds; And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him." I've been working all my mission to put off the "old man" that I was before my mission. I just..i never want to be that person again. Because of this whole experience, I've been made into something completely different. A new man, as it says in verse 10. I can't return to who I was. And that's really ok. I love my mission and everything I've been able to gain from it. It's fantastic. 

This week we were able to see a couple who, by the looks of it, had a rough past. At first glance, the husband looks pretty scary. But. We started talking about stuff they need to do to be sealed in the temple, and they just glowed. They've still got some stuff to overcome, but they're on the right track. They read scriptures when things get hard. They text each other quotes and scriptures and stuff throughout the day. I have so much respect for them. They get it. They understand the gospel. It can change lives. It's changing their lives right now. It was such a cool experience.

Anyway, hope yall have a great week. I love Grace, I love my companions, and I love being a missionary. See ya!

The District
She's liking it in Grace
Still likes Halloween!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Something about Quesadillas... October 19, 2015

Quote attributed to one of my new companions, Sister Dominguez.

Well, big news of the week. I was ETed to Grace! I'm now in a trio with Sister Dominguez and Sister Hunkin. Basically, it's been a party since Friday. I spent most of the week in Soda Springs on a five day long exchange, and then got sent to Grace on Friday morning. I'm about 100% happier here, I love my life, and WE HAVE A TRUCK. I love driving that thing. 

So Janice Hall got baptized this week! She's the 92 year old I've been talking about. She actually turned 92 on her baptism day. It was such a cool thing to be a part of. She looked so adorable. She was terrified of water, but she did it. Dang. That was one of the coolest baptisms I've seen.

The other day, after I went to Grace, my comps and I were in a lesson and were going to share a scripture. All three of us happen to open to the same scripture, Mormon 9:21, which states, "Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth." I love that scripture. It's fantastic. And, it was perfect to share with them. It's true, though, when we completely rely on Christ, miracles can happen. So that was legit.

Last night, I was asked to play violin at a music fireside in Pocatello. That was so much fun. I love playing violin at stuff. I played "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul." I got the music Saturday, and then played it Sunday. So. There that was. Sometimes, I think they (meaning the other missionaries who set up the fireside) have too much confidence in my abilities..but it went really well anyway. It was a lot of fun.

Anyway, love you all!
Janice's baptism
She likes the truck...
They have fun...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Morgan didn't have much to say - October 12, 2015

We did a ton of service this week. Like helping pour concrete and brain tanning a deer hide. So that was legit. 

This is the pile of cats that live at our house. How many cats are there? Exactly one pile. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 2 in the middle of nowhere - October 5, 2015

So, biggest news of the week. Bob got baptized on Tuesday! I got to go up to his baptism, and oh sweet mercy it was the coolest thing I've ever seen on my mission. Seriously. That man is amazing. It was one of the coolest experiences to be able to see where he was 4 months ago and see him when he went into the water. I'll never forget that. Never. It was fantastic. 

I got sick on Saturday night and upchucked everywhere! It was gross. So I stayed home Sunday and listened to conference then. I feel better now. 

We've still got a ton of work to do. We have a ton of lists that have part member families, unbaptized youth, etc that we're just going through. Especially for the Arimo/Downey side of the area. So that's been fun.

We're teaching this 92 year old lady named Janice and she's getting baptized on the 15th. So that's exciting. 

Anyway, have a great week!

Bob and his wife Tammy at his baptism
Bob - Morgan was sure excited about this baptism!!
Chief Pocatello
Transferred out of Pokey!
The Sisters and Hermanas make a road trip
Road tripping with the Sisters and Hermanas!
My guess is that this is on the return trip.
Jackson Hole, Wyoming - It is a rule that you stop and take pictures at the arch.
And all the way into Montana!!