Monday, September 1, 2014

1st P-day


It's true what they say about how the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. It feels like I woke up foreverrrrrr ago and it's only 1!

Lucky us, we got Pday on Thursday. None of us really have laundry to do, so we're here emailing. I haven't checked the physical mailbox (district leader does that), and we aren't allowed to have our mail till 9:25, and because we're trying to be obedient..yeah. It's hard. But obedience is good!

So. When you dropped me off, the sister took me to the admin building, I got my tag (yeah i didn't cry when I left but i had several tears when I got my tag), MTC ID, room key, books, all that fun stuff. When you first get your tags, you have an orange "dork dot" on it and it just lets everyone know that you're new, so all day I had "welcome to the mtc!" and stuff like that said to me. I dropped my stuff off at my room and got taken to my classroom. The room is on the fifth floor, so every day, we're walking up five flights of stairs like, 4 or 5 times. But its fun. I love the classes!

Basically...we're in classes all day. We read scriptures, practice teaching, all that stuff. I wish I had more to describe but I left my journal in my room because our district left to email right after lunch. But, I've learned sooooooo so so so much. It's amazing how much you can learn in such a short amount of time. My brain is fried though from so much information. Oh, I counted how many times we prayed in one far its been 10. So there's that. 

So, I have two companions, Sister Hatch and Sister Sondrup. They're both from Arizona. We're in a district with six other elders, they're all going to Colorado Springs. They're really fun to be around. At first they were all pretty quiet, but they've opened up a lot. We have some pretty great discussions during classes.

Funny story, the first dinner, I saw my friend Elder Smith, whos going to Finland, in the cafeteria. I yelled out "Elder Smith!!" and he yelled "Morgan Smith!!" and ran over to me. A bunch of other missionaries yelled HANDSHAKE! It was really funny. But really good to see someone I knew here. 

This is for dad - ok right after the BYU game, send me a write up thing via Dear Elder. Go to and use my MTC mailbox number and departure date and they'll send me the letter the next day. I just really reeeeally want to know what happens!

I'm happy to be here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else now. I'm positive that if I didn't leave on my mission on Wednesday, I would be 100% miserable. Here, I'm 100% happy. It's such a great place. Everyone here is so nice, the elders are awesome and super respectful, and the sisters have so much love for each other. I seriously love being here. It's the best thing I've ever done. It's difficult...the first day, we had an investigator and some of her questions and beliefs were seriously hard to answer and understand. But, I've had so many high points here. It's so worth it. 

Anyway, I really cant think of anything else to say....oh. yeah. so the best way to contact me at the MTC is I would love you if you used that. You're all awesome, and I love you.
Sister Smith 

An addendum [Morgan was on email at the same time as me so we were able to "chat" in real time.]:

The food is good, for bfast I'll have oatmeal, a banana, and some other fruit. today it was cantelope. For dinner yesterday i had turkey, a salad, and pineapple. I pretty much eat pineapple every day for breakfast lunch and dinner. it's basically like what was at the cannon center at BYU.

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  1. DORK DOT!!! Jimmy said he scratched his off pretty much right away (rebel!). Jimmy also said, "Dang, fifth floor? I didn't have to go up more than 2 flights of stairs my entire time there. Everything else Morgan wrote is familiar. I ate pineapple and kiwi every meal and I loved it."

    Love the email!