Monday, October 27, 2014

TWO MONTHS - October 27, 2014

I've been out two months today! Crazy. It feels like I got here just yesterday.

This week was pretty good. It wasn't all great, all the time, but it was still a good week. 

So. Last Monday, a less active that we teach texted us saying that she wanted us to get rid of her e-cigarette thing. Being the responsible, nice, conservative missionaries we are, we brought along a hammer to the lesson and smashed it. We poured the liquid stuff down the toilet and had her flush it, and then took the hammer to the cigarette. Oh man. That was so much fun! I loved it! We usually have the lesson at a members house, and she about died. I guess people aren't used to see missionaries smash things with hammers.

On Wednesday...oh boy. That was quite the day of situations. First of all, we were going through a neighborhood meeting members and asking who they knew would be receptive to the missionaries. There was also a girl walking the neighborhood, selling pies for a school fundraiser. We would be in a members home for a minute or two, and without fail, Pie Girl would ring the doorbell. It was so awkward. 
We had also met a woman (she was more comfortable speaking Spanish) on Saturday and set up an appointment for Wednesday. When we got there, the entire family was in the living room...being taught by the Spanish Sisters. Awkward. So there that was.

I had a dream this week we were trying to get the baptism ready that we have next week, and the only font available was the one located in my old apartment in Provo. So we drove down there, and it was a kiddie pool. That was a frustrating dream.

Remember the first lady I talked about that was dying? Yeah...she's not doing to good. We saw her this week for the first time in a month...and I seriously think she has about two weeks left to live. It's really sad. Her balance is horrible and forgets a lot of things. She told us she went to the bank to try to cash a check, and instead of bringing a check, she brought the shampoo bottle. it is pretty sad. 

I received the best postcard EVER this week and I'm sending a picture along. It is the best.
Morgan loves postcards!!!  This made her very happy!

We helped out at a school carnival this past friday. I worked in the food truck, that was a lot of fun. Sister Jones and I drank almost all the hot chocolate, because it was pretty cold.
Speaking of cold, it was 34 degrees when we left the house this morning. AWESOME.

Our investigator, A (different girl, we met her a few weeks ago) is getting closer to her baptism date! We are so excited for her. You can physically tell what conversion looks like. She looks so much happier and bright. Everyone notices it. Oh man. So cool. She called us "her missionaries" the other day, that was so cool. People are going to remember you when you help them turn their life around. It's amazing and I'm so blessed to witness it.

So on Friday night, we're on lockdown, so we get to go to Rigby and watch actual real movies with our zone! Not cheesy seminary movies or the district, but actual movies. We're excited for that.

Have a great week!

(Separate email)

That is awesome that you have your own missionary thing to do this week! Knocking on doors is pretty scary. But, of all the doors I've knocked, no one has bitten me yet, or thrown things at me. You can do it! In our missionary stress book, there's one suggestion to coping with things that are intimidating. It says if it is something that you can overcome with the help of the Savior, than move on without fear. I like that a lot. Have fun with that! Visiting teaching is so great. Here, people are assigned nonmembers to Visit teach as well. I had never heard that before.

I will try to write neater! Sorry! I like writing little....I will try to go slower and neater. I have gotten all the packages, I'm pretty sure. if its send by priority mail, it gets here a day after it gets to the mission office. I love the Batman stamps. And the return address labels! Thanks!

It is kind of annoying when missionaries go on about how much they miss home or miss their family. yes, I miss my family and being home, but that's not what we're supposed to be focusing on! Just go to work and you'll be a lot less homesick!!!! Ugh. Oh well. I guess I have to be patient and consider that not everyone lived away from home for three years and isn't used to it.

So, we live with a woman named _______ Andrus. Sister jones always calls her a different name, like Sally or Susy, and I feel like we're on Finding Nemo when dory would always get Nemo's name wrong. She brought that up the other day and we had a good laugh. But, she's an older lady in her 70's and her husband died a few years ago, so it's just us. We live on the ground floor in a spare room and have our own bathroom and a study room. We live in town in Ucon. The Andrus name is pretty big in Ucon, they've been here foreverrrrrr (like when Ucon was first settled). Sister Andrus is really nice, we play board games with her a lot. She's pretty good, she beat us three times when we played Rummikub last night. 

Definitely read PMG. It is such a good book. It has so much more than just the missionary lessons! It is such a good tool. I'm glad we have it available to us.
We had to reschedule our temple trip to this Wednesday because we had a meeting on Friday. But it's in the morning on Wednesday, and I'm really excited to be going! 

Making Jello Jigglers 
Crazy big pizza


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