Monday, October 20, 2014

Transfer #2 - October 20, 2014

First off. Disregard anything I've said about how awesome BYU football is this year. This was the year to miss. I love them...but my heart couldn't handle it this year.

This week started Transfer #2! Crazy. Time flies. 

We went shopping this morning...and I bought baby bananas. They were just so cute, I couldn't not buy them! 

Last week, we went to a member's house in Rigby to pick pumpkins. I think Mom saw pictures...but yeah. We went with our zone. After, we went to a straw maze in Rexburg. It was ridiculously difficult. Good grief. It was my worst nightmare being trapped in something I'm so allergic to...oh well. We finished it, and it was pretty fun. Although I'm still finding straw everywhere. 

We did a tonnnn of service this week. We helped clean carpets, stack wood, and then we helped with a giant food drive in Rigby. Stacking wood was fun! I got so dirty though. I was wearing a white undershirt and the words on my t shirt got printed with dirt on the undershirt. Kind of funny. The food drive was awesome, too. There had to be over 500 boxes of canned food in this tiny room beneath the library. I had to have lifted over 100 of those boxes, moving them from the conveyer to their respective areas. SO MUCH FUN. I was definitely sore the next day but it was ok. I enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the package! I loved it. The t shirt was awesome too.

I'm the tallest person living in the house. Sister Jones is a half inch shorter than me, and the lady we live with is 5'1. I've never been the tallest. This is weird.

Sister Jones and I have decided (well...mostly me deciding, she just kind of laughed) that if the Book of Mormon had a soundtrack, it would be the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. 

So this week, we talked with a potential and a less active. They had a ton of things to say. Basically....don't go up to a convert and say that you don't like converts. Because that isn't nice. Be nice to people that are visiting during church!

Earlier this week, we were at someone's house who we had an appointment with. She wasn't home, so Sister Jones went around back to see if she was there. She wasn't, so we went by the wire fence to see her horses. The horses wouldn't come near the fence. I saw a wire on the inside suspended by yellow plastic things, and it was moving. I thought it was an electric wire, and I asked Sis Jones if she touched she touched it. It shocked her reeeeally good. Or bad? Yeah. We both laughed at that. 

Hopefully we'll be able to go to the temple this week! A member is going to take us. I'm really excited.

So. Missions have ups and downs. This week had mostly downs, but it was still good. When there are more downs, you really have to choose what side to follow. You can't just give a half effort and expect to be ok. It's all or nothing out here. It's hard, but it's teaching me a lot. A. Lot. I like it.

I love you and hope you have a great week!

Hey mims! Thanks for the package this week! I loved it. :) 

Yesterday when I was journal writing, I listened to Amazing Grace played by bagpipes. It made me cry because it reminded me of you and i miss you. 

Did you get the letter I sent with the different papers? I hope you like them. it's just like a snapshot of my mission life. I sent another one today. When I get transferred, I send you my planners. They're like a journal of everything I do. It's cool to look at. 

We have lockdown on halloween night. I guess a few years ago, people dressed up as missionaries and did dumb things. So, we have to be with our zone and accounted for so president knows we didn't do dumb stuff. We get to watch a movie too! Jones said last year on halloween they watched Space Jam. I would be completely ok if we watched that again. 

Teaching is going pretty well, we have an investigator getting closer to her baptismal date, which is awesome. She is so cool. it's amazing how the gospel changes lives.

we probably get to go to the temple this week! I am so excited. The member's we're going with are taking us to the Rexburg temple. Cool stuff!

Morgan finds these doors difficult to tract.  
Food drive in Rigby.   
At the maze.  You have no idea how allergic she is to hay!!  I can't believe she went in!  We have had to bail (bale - hahahaha) on hay rides before!
Morgan's zone at the maze in Rexburg.  

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  1. I see thumbs up in the group picture! Love the pictures! She makes great faces for pictures.