Monday, October 13, 2014

Half Birthday! - October 13, 2014

So, it was my half birthday this week. i didn't do much other than recognize the fact it was my half birthday.
Transfer calls came and went and Sister Jones and I are staying in Ucon for 7 more weeks. She will die here (meaning she goes home after the transfer), and I don't know what will happen after that. We'll see! It's good here, though.
I also figured out that it's about 10% more cost effective to purchase a thing of 200 tic tacs versus the 60 tic tac thing. Fun fact.
Dad, THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!! Those were all of my favorite things! Orange tic tacs are the best (nacho voice here).
this week, we had a zone comp study. Meaning, as a zone, we got together and studied. So that was cool! Because it was the last week of the transfer and a lot of people were leaving, we just bore testimony of stuff. It was great. I liked being able to know some of the missionaries on a more personal level. When people put on the suits and skirts and nametags, you always think that they're more...i'm not sure how to put it. You think they're perfect? Yeah. But you would never know that some missionaries read at a 5th grade level, or never prayed before their mission. I really liked that.
This week, we helped people move couches and move into a house. Tomorrow we're helping someone clean their carpets. it's always something. But, I like being busy like that. While moving a couch, I got a splinter and part if it stayed in my hand. So when we got home, I had to perform minor home surgery. Yeah. that was fun. But now my hand is spliter-less.

Also, could you send me a picture ASAP of me with the stingray I caught when fishing? I need it for a ward party this Saturday!
Fun story this week. So, everyone had been talking about "hobos." Like how they had hobos in the basement, or they saw a hobo running across the room. Or, they were bit by a hobo. I was getting so confused. How did these people get in their basements? And why do they bite people!? Sister Jones then told me they were spiders. Not people. I'm so glad I got that one figured out. I was actually confused for a while.
We set a baptism date with one of our investigators!!!! We met her a few weeks ago. I'll tell you her story some time. She's basically a miracle and I love teaching her. She came to us asking to set a date for her baptism, which never even happens. So we're excited!!
I spoke in Sacrament meeting again yesterday on Relying on the Spirit. I think it went pretty well.
We've been keeping busy and I love being here! 

New haircut - and a different watch from the one I bought her... 
An under the sea moment at the Museum of Idaho.  They are Jelly Fish and  something else...
Museum of Idaho.  Morgan finds worthwhile things to do.  
With Sister Jones and Sister Dearden
A Llama??  He's supposed to be dead! - guess the movie
The zone picking out pumpkins.
The happy pumpkin owners!

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  1. So funny about the "hobos!" Also Emperor's New Groove-of course! Love all the pictures!