Monday, November 2, 2015

I've decided. I never want to relive transfer 10 again. - November 2, 2015

So, big news of the week. I got Emergency Transferred...yet again. Right back to my old area in Marsh Valley. Well, technically right now I'm in Inkom with the sisters there. But some people went home and I got sent right back to where I was. So. Yeah. 

At this point, I'm just mentally exhausted from changing every two weeks. It starts to take a toll on you. Good gracious. 

Halloween was pretty fun though. I was still in Grace at that point, so we went to Soda Springs and hung out with missionaries there. We watched "The Cokeville Miracle" and that was fun. We just messed around for a few hours. At one point, one elder climbed up to the top of the basketball hoop in the gym and was swinging from that. So there that was. Haha.

Anyway, endurance. That's the name of the game at this point...haha. But that's when you really grow. Pushing forward even when mentally, you have nothing left, is dang difficult. But that's when you really grow. I came on my mission to grow, so..I guess I'm getting what I asked for. And that's ok.

Anyway. Love  you guys! have a good week

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