Monday, November 23, 2015

Giving thanks while thanking gives and give thanksgive and...thanksgave - November 23, 2015

It's thanksgiving this week. If you didn't know that. Hahahaha. 

Ok i worked really hard on that subject line...thanks for putting up with me.

Anyway. This week was pretty good! A lot of good things are happening in Inkom. Tonight, we have a  lesson with a new investigator. She's 11 years old, has been to church a ton of times, and wants to be baptized and her parents finally gave her permission! So that's pretty exciting. 

Last night, we had dinner with a family that had six boys and one girl. We were giving a spiritual thought and talked about how we can obey the commandments. The one year old girl got up and started talking, and her brother interrupted. She turned around, pointed at him, and said, "Go to your bed now!!" It was hilarious. 

I got my trunky email this week. WHAT. That's dang crazy. It has gone by so stupid fast. Last year at this time, I was pretty sure I would be a missionary forever. And now the end is in sight and that's really, really weird. 

I love this time of year. I love how happy everyone is. Thanksgiving is the best. This week, remember all the blessings you have that you can be grateful for. Gratitude makes a huge difference. 

Also, I was looking over emails I sent like, a year ago...I'm sorry my emails have gotten progressively shorter. Much shorter. The days all feel the same. 


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