Monday, November 16, 2015

Stinkom - November 16, 2015

This week in Inkom was good. We're kicking butt, teaching all sorts of lessons, and trying to find new people. There aren't that many new people in Inkom, because it's so small. But that's the hard/fun part. Inkom is a really, really hard area. It's tiny. But that's the fun part. I really, really kind of like Inkom a lot, because it's so difficult. It's so pretty here, too. 

We've had some bomb lessons this week. We taught this lady from Bulgaria and she had a TON of questions. It was so cool to be able to answer all her questions from the scriptures. She had some really hard questions too. But that was cool.

My companion is Sister Leon. She's so sweet and adorable and little. She's been out 11 months so that's cool. She's even served in Inkom before, for six months. So she knows everyone. Everyone. That's super helpful.

So I lost my camera charger, that's why I haven't sent any pictures for a bad.

Anyway, i love you guys! It's starting to snow here and I LOVE IT. I LOVE THE SNOW AND THE COLD. I can finally wear my winter hats. And good socks. I love the cold so much.

love you!


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