Monday, July 6, 2015

I America'd Too Hard - July 6, 2015

So. I broke my hand on the 4th. Tahts the big news of the week. Its incredibly painful to type...but i manage :) haha.
So what had happened was....I slipped on the gym floor in a church building (I was running in just socks) and i fell and slammed my hand into a metal chair. Everyone kept sayiing it was just sprained or the tendons were injured...but when i still couldn't move my ring finger, i went and got it checked on. And sure enough...broken! haha. it's kind of a funny story. 
But the fourth was awesome!!!! we had an all day p-day and we just had fun all day. we went on a hike, watched a movie, and spent time with other missionaries. it was soooooooooooo much fun.
here's a cool experience. yesterday we talked to this guy named juan. he was sitting outside his house. we started talking to him about the gospel, and you could see his eyes just light up. it was amazing. he wants us to come back, so thats cool.
ok so i can't really type at all, so i'm going to go. love you!!!!!!
Out with the "hermanas"
4th of July fun - Morgan loves to stand out and be a little obnoxious!!

In the Zone
She titled this photo - AMERICA 
The truth 
She still can't be serious - With Sister "Sam" Samanez 


  1. There's a mission story! Broken hand? Check!

  2. Wow! I hope the broken bone won't cause her too much pain. And I hope it won't affect her ability to play all her instruments in the future!