Monday, June 22, 2015

Hi - June 22, 2015

How's life? I'm doing good here. A bunch of missionaries are finishing their mission today, and that's always a weird time. Because it makes me think of how little time I have left..and that's just weird to think about. 

Remember how when I was first out and people talked about hobos and I thought they were talking about real homeless people and not spiders? Well. Last night, I found a hobo in our bathtub and it made me do two things - 1. I screamed and my companion had to kill the spider. 2. I laughed because I was confused when someone told me there was a hobo in my bathtub...and there was a hobo in my bathtub. The circle has been completed.

My handwriting has also gotten progressively worse the longer I've been on my mission. Oops.

This week has been pretty interesting. We got transfer calls, and Sister Boyd is being transferred to Montpelier and I'll be here with a new companion. I'm kind of nervous about it because our area isn't doing as well as I would like it and I don't really have that much experience in this area. But. I guess I'll do whatever I'm asked to do. I will miss Sister Boyd a lot, though. I really liked being with her. She's helped me a lot, and I'm really grateful for that. 

Not too much else happened this week. We're just looking for people to that's fun.

Morgan had her Aunt Karen take this picture at church and send it to Travis for Father's Day!  
Tyhee District
Morgan, Sister Boyd, and Sister Hunt
Morgan and Sister Boyd

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