Monday, April 20, 2015

So, this week.... April 20, 2015

...was the longest week of my life. No joke. I think it was one of the more difficult weeks of my mission. I mean, some cool things happened and stuff, but it just seemed like every lead we had just crumbled and everything we tried to didn't work out. But, it happens, I guess. 

I did eat buffalo and lamb this week, so there's that.

And I learned that Americans do weird things. We went on exchanges with a sister from Australia and apparently our light switches are upside down, we have an abnormal sense of patriotism, and we are too enthusiastic about sporting events. We laughed a lot about that last one, because I am ridiculously too enthusiastic about things like football. 

I get to speak in one of our wards next Sunday AND I'm playing violin in another ward. That's what happens when you tell people you're willing to speak and play violin in sacrament meeting. 

One of our bishops gave us this scripture in Genesis 18:14. It asks if anything is too hard for the Lord. And right now, while things might seem a bit difficult (really, we have nothing to go off of..), nothing is too difficult for the Lord. Even though everything we've tried isn't working out, it will. Eventually. We all have our specific trials and tests personally designed for us to go through. Even though this is probably one of the hardest parts of my mission, I've never prayed more, I've never tried my hardest to be obedient, and I've never worked so hard in my entire life. Nothing is too hard for the Lord when you're on His errand. Even though this week was hard, it's changed my life. 

I'm sorry this email isn't exactly that long. Thanks for everything you've done for me, I really appreciate it.

April in Idaho - the next day was sunny and 70! 
Sister Fa'oa and Sister Towers

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  1. Maybe this won't aid in much comfort, but here goes...
    Remember that planting seeds is an important part of any mission. The seeds YOU plant may not be ready for a few years. However, EVERY thriving plant has started out as a seed, and EVERY seed has had a "sower". You just keep on keeping on. You're smile is contagious. You're goodness has more of an impact than you could possibly imagine. You're amazing! Thank you for your example. We love you!!!! Love, Aunt Lisa :)