Monday, April 13, 2015

Birthday Week - April 13, 2015

So, birthday week. I opened the package you sent and i saw icing, so I knew one box had to be cake. So I opened it early. I made the cake and took it to the transfer site and everyone sang me and another elder (it was his birthday too) happy birthday. That was fun! Haha. Honestly, I forgot it was my birthday halfway through my birthday. It was good, though. We went out to Fort Hall to our ward out there and we met with one of the bishops to find people we could go see. It was good that it wasn't focused on me though. It was a good day.

Happy Birthday to Morgan and Elder Clark
We had transfers this week and I got my new companion. Her name is sister Fa'oa, and she's from Tonga. Like, straight from Tonga. She's been out about a year. She's awesome and I'm really excited to work with her. We have a tonnnnnnnnnn of work ahead of us though. Our area is...not doing the best. We don't have that many people to teach, so we're doing a lot of finding. Tonight, a lot of missionaries from our zone are coming to our area to help us with that, so hopefully it will be good. But, being in charge isn't my favorite. But it's also helping me grow a lot. So that's good.

So yesterday, something cool happened. I was praying hardcore all day that we'd be able to find someone to teach at church. We went to one of our wards, and during testimonies, we got up and spoke, and as I finished and went to go sit down, the bishop handed me a piece of paper that said "I have someone for you to visit and teach." SCORE!!!!!!! I was SO STOKED about that. We're going to visit hertonight. We tried last night, but she wasn't home. Her angry separated husband (I don't understand that situation) was there and she was at work. But still. Awesome story.

Anyway, have a good day! love you!

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