Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas! - December 29, 2014

This week was christmas! It was an awesome week. We had a lot of great things happen. 

First, I should let you know...I drove into a ditch this week. On accident. We missed the turn to a lesson's house, and we were just going to turn around...and I forgot there was a ditch right there. So I drove into it. We were stuck. Not fun at all. But, not a minute later, a member drove past and had chains in his truck so he pulled us out. But, the lady who's house we were in front of got scared and called the police on us because she thought we were scary and were going to rob her. So, I drive in to a ditch, and had the police called on me. All in 15 minutes. Oops.
Driving in ditches, cops being called.

We had a baptism on Saturday! We've been teaching Johanna and Kaiden since early October and it was so so so awesome to see them be baptized. They were really excited. They would remember so much of what we taught them, it was awesome. Like, we asked them this past week why church was so important, and they said to take the bread and water. We taught that like, months ago. It's just so amazing to see someone you taught all the way get baptized. During one lesson this week, Kaiden said to his friend, "You really need to come listen to this, they're teaching some really good things about God." Dang. That was cool. I've never had people say that about us before.

In the Zone on Christmas
Christmas and Christmas Eve was fun. On Christmas eve, we went caroling with our zone in Rigby. It was so nice to go and spread happiness that way. It was freezing, but we had a lot of fun. On Christmas, we had two dinners we went to, and then we had a zone get together that night. We watched real movies again! We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Maleficent. We just laughed and joked the entire time. After, we had a big snowball fight. I like snowball fights. 
It's been snowing like crazy this week. I LOVE IT. My companion, not so much. Haha. It's all good. I love my companion, though. Sister Warren is so awesome. She's a hard worker and we get along really, really well. 

Anyway, have an awesome week! Love you!

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