Monday, December 15, 2014

Busiest Week of my Life - December 15, 2014

Seriously. This week was so dang busy, it's not even funny! I was so tired yesterday. I fell asleep during one of the sacrament meetings we went to. Bad, I know. But. I was so sleepy I just couldn't stop it. We taught 20 lessons this week. Good grief.


Sister Warren and I have been tearing it up out here. Seriously. We found 8 new investigators. EIGHT. That is unheard of! I don't even know what we were doing differently, that's the crazy part. Anyway. 

One really cool lesson was with our investigator, Brooklyn. Sister Warren and I were on splits because we had another lesson at that time, so I went to Brooklyn's. Now. I love that kid. She's 11 years old and is the bomb. Her mom is less active, and she's super nice, too. Anyway, I went over there with the ward relief society president, and I started off teaching the restoration. I taught the first 1/2 of it, and then I pulled out a Book of Mormon and started teaching about it. Cool story, I can't even remember what I said about it. But I know I said that it was true, I knew it was true, and that she could learn so much about it. After that, I looked at her mom, and she was crying. Man. That was so amazing. It was a great experience to be able to have.

I got to see Roz this week too! It was so weird though, realizing how much of a bubble I'm in. I literally have no idea what's going on in the real world, it's kind of funny. But it was great to be able to see her and her friends. We went to this little taco/Mexican food place in Rigby. Pretty cool!

I'm playing violin in church next Sunday. And singing. I'm kind of...improving [improvising ?] over a song. They just handed me some music for the song they're singing and said, Can you play this? Hmm...ok. Another lady and I are playing and people have said it sounds really good..even though I'm just kind of improving on the spot. I'm also singing in the other song. I was there during a practice, and noticed all their tenors are 12 year old boys. So I told the choir director that I can sing tenor, too. She got really excited and asked me if I would do so. So, I'll report next week on how that went.

Yes, I did get the Christmas package! It's under our "tree." Haha. At first, we drew a tree on a piece of paper and taped it up, but then a lady we visit often made us a tree out of construction paper and tinsel. It's awesome and I love it.
The Christmas Tree
Anyway. We're keeping busy and teaching a lot. We have solid baptism dates for December, January, and February. All of them are 10 year olds...but. I think It's awesome. 

Splits with Sister Grey
Sister Jedis - with Sister Dearden
Sister Jones' last night
Sisters Dearden and Hancock were transferred out of Morgan's zone...
A little late, but still relevant.

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