Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Angry Eyes - December 22, 2014

Yes, we are bad parents!!!  We were driving all day on Sunday which is our "email" day and didn't email Morgan.  I could have easily dictated an email in the car - heaven knows I had time - but it slipped my mind.  We feel so bad.  Poor baby Morgan...  However, we were definitely thinking of her as we had taken Sister Potatohead to the Mall of America for pictures with her sisters!!  And Sister Potatohead is with us in Detroit for the Christmas Holiday!!

Due to the fact that I received NO EMAILS FROM ANY OF YOU THIS WEEK, I have angry eyes.

Ok, now I'm over it.

We had such a great week! Holy cow. We taught a bunch of lessons, we watched He is The Gift a total of 15 times, and we did a lot of work. It was great.

Here is something fun that happened. I'm pretty sure I can never ever everrrrrr ever eat milk products again. Every time I drink milk or (now) eat ice cream, I get sick. This happened on Friday. I was at dinner, and ate like, two bites of ice cream and I got sick. Good gracious. I was in bed all afternoon on Saturday. But, I decided to go out in the evening, and we ended up teaching three lessons that day! It was awesome. I loved it.

On Sunday, we took one of our recent converts to a music fireside in Rexburg. The missionaries up in Rexburg hosted it. It was soooo so so good. I'm so glad we were able to bring Nick and his two kids with us. Nick is probably one of my favorite people that I've met here.

We got to go to the temple this week! Sister Warren and I went with the Landons, We went to Idaho Falls and had such a good time. 

This email is also kind of short because I forgot my planner at home so I forgot most of the things I had written down to send to you. Sorryyyyyyy. 

Sister Warren is an awesome companion. She's so nice and is always concerned about me. I love her a ton and I'm so grateful we are companions.

Anyway, that's pretty much all I remember...
Talk to you thursday! If you get a random text or call from a 208 number, its the member who's house we're skyping with. So, just be by your phones this week. It will probably be sometime in the afternoon. What's your skype name, just to be sure?
Have a good week!
Morgan, Sister Flores, and Elder Fontes all wearing polka dots

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