Monday, November 10, 2014

IT'S SNOWING!!! - November 10, 2014

So, while doing my hair this morning, I heard Sister Andrus talking on the phone to someone about how it was snowing. So I ran out, and it was, indeed, snowing. AWESOME.

Happy birthday, Maddie!!!!!!! It's crazy to think you're 17. Weird.

This week....well. Let me tell you all about it. It was literally the best week of my entire life.

First. I've decided to keep track of how many bananas I've eaten on my mission. It's about 50-55 bananas so far, in case you wanted to know.

We went to the IF temple Visitor's center with the family our (now former) investigator is living with. It was awesome! She absolutely loved it. You'll have to come out to IF sometime and see the visitor's center, it's a great place to take investigators to feel the spirit. Oh man. So great. There is a Christus there, and you can really feel Christ's love when you listen to the recording they have.

Idaho Falls Temple Visitor Center
Our Thanksgiving dinner is set! We are eating with our ward mission leader in one of our wards. I'm excited, because that family is so cool. Sister Jones kept joking that she was going to try to get us to a vegetarian thanksgiving (she's a closet vegetarian, I'm pretty sure), but my fears have been laid to rest. 

So, there's such thing as a stake font filler. I found that out this week. Idaho is full of surprises.

On a sad note, the lady I had my first lesson with, Angela, passed away this week. We were driving by her house and noticed a ton of cars outside. We immediately pulled over, and the bishop was there. She passed about an hour before we got there. Her son that was baptized a few months ago is taking it pretty well. He's still sad, but he knows his mom is in a better place and isn't in pain anymore (she had two inoperable brain tumors and lung cancer). Her other kids aren't doing as well. It's a sad thing, but she isn't in pain anymore. 

Friday, we attended the re-baptism of a member that we've been visiting for a while. I love that family. It was a small service, but the Spirit was still definitely there. They looked so happy! It was great to experience.

Saturday was the best day of my life, not even joking. Alicia was baptized, and it was the most powerful, spiritual experience of my life. She was so ready to accept the gospel in her life. Everyone who came in contact with her (ward mission leader, district leader that interviewed her, bishop, etc) said that she had such a solid testimony. It''s hard to explain her story, I'll tell you sometime. And it's hard to describe this experience. I'll have to tell you in person. But, the entire service was amazing. Super spiritual. When she was actually baptized, and came out of the water, she was just sobbing. She wanted this so badly. During the intermission, Sister Jones and I played the "Because of Him" Mormon Message that was going around during Easter. It really hit me how much Christ does love us, and how much he has done for us. I shed a tear! See, I'm not a robot! It was just an amazing, amazing experience and I'm so eternally grateful I got to play a small part in that experience. I think I'm starting to understand how much joy missionary work can bring. I finally get it. A lot of people at the service said it was the most spiritual baptism service they've been to. I'm so grateful that I'm being able to have these experiences.

Alicia's baptism
Other than that, the week went pretty well. Weeks are starting to blend together. It's getting colder. I love it. I love my mission.

And sometimes the elders like to mess with the sisters!!

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