Monday, February 1, 2016

Sup, IF - February 1, 2016

So this email will be much newsier than last weeks. Sorry! We didn't have much time...

Anyway. So transfers happened this week. We got to the transfer site in Pocatello around 7 in the morning, loaded up all my stuff onto the trailer, I got on the big van with a bunch of other sisters, and we went off. It was a total party on the way up there. There were like, 12 sisters in that van. It was awesome. We laughed the entire time. Then we got to Idaho Falls, I got off, met my comp, saw some old friends, and saw a bunch of missionaries I don't know. Seriously, I know like five people up here. I guess that's what happens when you spend most of your mission down south..oh well. My comp is Sister Bueno (yes, that's her last name) and she's from Georgia. She. Is. Awesome. Seriously, we've laughed so much the past few days. It's been so much fun. I like her a lot. 

So, the area. We cover Eagle Rock stake, and we have nine wards - 39th, Mill Run, Old Butte, Osgood, Pioneer, Rosewood, Sageview, Village Park, and Westview wards. It's a pretty big area, but we're always busy. Which is good. I spoke in church yesterday, that was fun. It was probably about my 25th time or so speaking in church. 

I. Have. Thirty. Five. Days. Left. That's crazy. I've been thinking a lot about how I'm going to continue to grow when I get home. i've been thinking A LOT about how I've changed, if I've even changed, etc. It's weird to think about going home. It's gone by so fast.. I have no regrets with anything here. I've loved it here and I'm excited to make five more weeks of memories, miracles, and good times. 
Love you!

Not much time – January 25, 2016

Sorry! We don't have too much time to email today. Biggest news of the week, I'm getting transferred up to Idaho Falls for my last transfer. I'll be in the Eagle Rock stake with Sister Bueno, she's only been out three months. So that will be fun!

It's a whirl of emotions being transferred for my last transfer. I'm sad to be leaving Inkom, but I know I need to find one more person. And they're up in IF. So. Yeah.

We went sledding this week and it was fun.

Anyway, Have a great week!
I'll have more to talk about next week, sorry!

Good-bye, Inkom
Brother Vanderkooi - Family History Center 
Farewell, McCammon
The Clark Family
The Sisters in the office
Morgan's new companion, Sister Bueno - in Idaho Falls (IF)

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