Thursday, February 11, 2016

I Found Crazy People

This week was so much fun. So last monday, i asked my companion where the sketchiest part of our area was. This led us to go tracting at a trailer park out in the sticks. I am SO GLAD we did so. The first door we knocked on, this guy spoke Spanish gibberish to us. Like, "holablahblah yo no hablah blah blah english" and then shut the door. Ok. Then we went to another trailer. We knocked twice, and right before the third knock, someone inside yelled out "NO!!" and we walked away as we stifled laughter. 
Then. We pass this lady outside and she yells, "Oh no, it's the God Squad! Come on inside!" we did. And i am forever grateful that we did. She went on a 30 minute rant on how she is neither a man nor a woman. And she didn't know what Idaho was. I'm pretty sure she was on several drugs. It was so crazy. At least we had a member with us. Hahaha. So i'm glad that happened.

Other than that, this week was great! Bueno and I get along super well. We've been working really hard and getting a lot of things done. We have a ton of appointments this week, which is awesome. I haven't had that since my first area. 

Things are going pretty awesome. The weeks are flying by and I don't have that many left, but i've still got time and i'm making the most of it. 
Love you!

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