Monday, December 14, 2015

Inkom, Round 2. And 12 weeks left. - December 14, 2015

WHAT. 12 weeks left. Crazy.

This week was pretty good. IT SNOWED FINALLY. 

Transfer calls came, and I'm staying in Inkom. Sister Leon is going to Pocatello, and I'm getting two sisters. One is going home at the end of the month, and the other has been out about 4 months. So, that will be fun. Hopefully...we'll be able to find more people to teach, cus...we're kind of empty right now. But. That's ok.

So here's a funny story from the week - we were driving around Inkom, and we see this deer. It ran across the road. Then. A whole heard of like, 20 deer ran across the road. You know you've been in Idaho too long when a herd of deer run across the street...and it's funny. 

Anyway, Christmas is coming up and I'm super stoked. I'll talk to you then!
I always send Morgan some fun decorations
She found some ice
Friends at Zone Conference 
More Zone Conference
Beautiful Inkom

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