Monday, December 21, 2015

I ran in to a fence

Big new3s of the week - I drove into a fence. I was on the intersection of Grant and Main in Inkom. And i was trying to stop at this stop sign, and instead of stopping, the car skidded, started sliding, went through the intersection, and into the fence. I saw it coming...and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Hahahaha. It was actually really funny. I broke part of the fender, cracked part of the front of the car, broke the axle, bent the wheel...yeah. So. There that was. I have since given up driving.

The transfer was this week and now I only have two more. What. But it's been fun and we've been working SO HARD. Like, really really hard. I'm almost sure we had more lessons this week than we did all of last transfer. Yeah. We actually found a new investigator this week, too! So I was stoked about that cuz we've had next to nothing going on the past few weeks. So. That's cool. 

I'm with Sister Brewer and Hoffman, Brewer goes home in 9 days, that's crazy. She's from Tennessee. Hoffman is from Pittsburgh and has been out like five months. They're both stellar missionaries and I'm enjoying being with them. We laugh a lot. 

Here's another funny story - we went up to this door to knock, and Brewer goes to open the screen door...and the handle breaks off. We were dying. No one we just left. Oops. But it was so funny.

I love my mission. I've been thinking about that a lot these past few weeks. It's completely changed how I think about things. I'm still the same person. I'm still Morgan, but the way I think about things and what I see as important in life has completely changed. That's exactly what I needed. My mission has been perfect for me. I haven't been in leadership my entire mission, I haven't had the most numerical success, but it's been perfect for me. 

Merry Christmas, can't wait to talk to you this week! 
Love, Morgan
New comps:  Sisters Brewer and Hoffman

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