Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I am ridiculously energetic today and I'm not sure why - March 30, 2015

Because I'm also really tired. Weird.

Anyway. So this week was pretty dang cool. On Wednesday, we were eating dinner with an older couple. Someone rang the doorbell, so Brother Robinson answered. The lady who rang was a travelling salesperson and started asking out of nowhere if he was a Mormon or if he knew any Mormons around. Who even does that? And what better people to have over when someone asks you that at your door! Anyway, he let her in. Her name was Brittney and she's from Alabama and she had never heard of Mormons before she started doing travelling sales. And she wanted to learn what we were all about because she had good friends that were traveling salespeople with her, and they were LDS and she really liked some of the stuff they believed in. So, we ended up teaching her the Restoration and it was AWESOME. She was so open and took everything we had to say really well. She promised she would read the Book of Mormon too, which was dang cool. But really, that was awesome. How often does that even happen? 

So I've been studying a lot about Christ this week in preparation for Easter. I've been skimming through the New Testament and looking for scriptures on who Christ is and stuff like that. Holy cow. It's amazing. I love reading about Him and what He did for us. It's...good. It's really good.

I ate my 200th banana this week! What a milestone. I have 300 to go!!!! I'm well on my way to meeting that goal. 

Love you!

BTW - There were 2 sisters in Pocatello who were hit by a car on Monday, March 30.  Morgan and her companion, Sister Kolo, were not those sisters!!  Whew!  It was sure handy to have Aunt Karen there to text Morgan and get us a quick answer!!

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