Monday, March 16, 2015

You Can Teach Yourself Harmonica! - March 16, 2015

The title of this email is in regards to a picture I'm sending. It was in our apartment.
The things she finds!!
It's been a good week! Some cool stuff happened.

So, last Sunday, one of our bishops gave us a referral for a girl that came and talked with him. She's not a member. So, this whole week, I had a strong feeling we needed to go see her. Then on Friday, I was like, "Ok. We need to go there and visit this girl." I also had the feeling that I needed to grab a Book of Mormon and some of the pamphlets we use to teach out of (which I dislike strongly. I hate all pamphlets, no matter what religion they're from). Anyway. So we went to visit her, and we see this guy walking into the house. So we knock anyway. He answers the door and we start to talk for a bit about believing in God and faith and stuff like that (he's this girls brother, by the way). We talked with him for a while. And it was a really good talk. But we had to go, and he said to come back later that evening when his sister was home. So we did. And we had the best lesson ever! Kendra and Josh are so humble and in a unique situation where they're looking for answers to life and stuff like that. It's so cool. They want to learn and know what's true. So, I was able to give them the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets we use (following promptings!!) and we're coming back this week. SO COOL!!! It was an awesome lesson. Like, the kind you hope to have on your mission. We brought the bishop with us and he testified and set us up so well for the lesson. Oh man. So cool.

Anyway. It was a good week. I enjoyed it a lot. We taught a lot, even though I had a nice cold this week. Which is weird because I just had a cold two weeks ago in Ucon. I even take my vitamins! Ugh. Annoying. But it was a good week.

And no dogs stuck their tongue in my mouth this week, so that was good.

We biked a lot this week. My legs are tired. But it's good. I like doing that. 

Anyway, have a good week! Love you!

Yes, i hear from rachel. I emailed her last week and got her reply today. So that's good. Shes graduating in april and teaching in Honduras for a year. She's always doing something.
And remember sister Jones? She's already engaged and getting married in April to an elder from this mission. Crazy stuff.
No dog licked my mouth this week, so that was good. 
Yesterday at church, we sang a hymn, and a man sitting behind us was singing really loudly. We started the next verse, and he skipped the verse we were singing and sang the next one. He kept on going and didn't change verses. Hey, at least he was confident in his mistake! In band we were always told to be confident in our mistakes. 

It looks like Licky!!

The Pocatello West District!!

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