Monday, February 16, 2015

This week. For real this time. - February 16, 2015

We received an email from Morgan that said, "Miracles  things  missionary." and that was it.  45 minutes later we got the real letter!!

So that last email wasn't really my weekly email. SWarren just thinks she's funny. But she is, so that's ok.

We had a lot of really cool things happen this week. So, two weeks ago, we found a new investigator to work with. She's 10 years old and she really wants to be baptized. So, we went to see her yesterday, and her mom answered and said they were busy and to just come back in two weeks (because this girl is only home every other weekend). So, we walked away, slightly dejected..and as soon as we got to our car, we looked back, and she was literally running after us saying, "Wait! Come back! Don't you want to talk about Jesus?" Coolest thing ever. Seriously. That was so cool. We taught her outside for a few minutes then. It was such a cool experience though. No one runs after us for good things.

Last night we were at Johanna and Kaiden's house and Kaiden was showing me his Legos. I showed him the lego shark that I had, so that's how that came up. When we were leaving, he gave me like, all of these legos! He wouldn't take them back. I tried to. I even tried leaving them. But, that was so nice. Seriously. Those kids are some of my favorite people.

Just a reminder, I love mail and emails. Just...yeah. In case you wanted to know.

I really enjoyed this valentines day. I spent an hour washing someone's dishes. That was nice. Serving people is my favorite thing, so I enjoyed doing that. 

I'm not very long winded on emails. So...sorry about that. I usually run out of things to say by now. But I'm really enjoying being out here. SWarren and I have talked this week about making the most of our missions. We've talked a lot this week. A lot. I'm not used to talking so much to people and communicating. So, that's good. I'm learning how to be a more quality person. Because I don't think I was a very Christlike, quality person before my mission. And now I'm working on changing. It's hard, but it's what I needed to do. I wouldn't have been completely happy if I hadn't have gone on my mission. Because, I'm realizing what the most important thing in life is, and what's going to make me truly and completely happy. Yeah. Stuff like that. My mission is saving my life, and I'm so grateful for that.

Have a good week! Remember, I love mail and emails!

Love, Morgan

An Addendum:  So, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks. And I thought I'd send you some things that I desire. Just so you have an idea of things. I would love some socks. I have four pairs of socks and that is just not enough. But seriously, socks. I need some o' those!

This was in a text I received last night!!
Morgan is driving off into the sunset.

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