Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Love to See the Temple

Morgan was home for Rozzie's graduation on May 30, 2014.  After school was out the next week, we went on a family vacation to Anna Maria Island (outside of Bradenton, FL).  On June 7th, we went with Morgan to the Orlando LDS Temple (in Orlando!! haha).  It was a very special day and we were thrilled to have Morgan's best friends along, as well as our bishop and his wife (who are also the dearest of friends).
Morgan and her proud parents!!
Joanna and Hannah have been by her side since forever! 
That's a thumbs up!  Missionary pictures always include at least one thumbs up.  That's Joanna's husband Brandon in the back.
The whole crew, including Patrick and Linda!!
Last weekend, Morgan visited her Smith grandparents in Hurricane, Utah, and they were able to attend the St. George Temple together.  What a special experience for Morgan and her grandparents!!
Grandma Smith and Morgan
Grandpa Smith and Morgan

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  1. It looks like Sister Potatohead has the thumbs-up ready to go! 50 days still seems like a long time, but it will come soon enough! Lovely temple pics!